Is this the thread about Gay Pride Parades? I am not ashamed to admit I will go out of my way for the entertaining spectacle of them.

I have to admit I don't really get them. There seems to be something of contradiction in the attitudes of some gays on the one hand wanting homosexuality to be treated by society in all respects the same as heterosexuality but who then go out of their way to behave in a quite overt and different way. Most people don't give a damn about a person's sexuality which is why you don't see 'heterosexual parades' - so why the homosexual parades? In Britain homosexuality was de-criminilised as long ago as 1967 so why the traffic hold-ups in Brighton every year over homosexulity? Being treated the same first and foremost means behaving the same and getting to grips with the idea that a person's sexuality is essentially a private matter and no big deal. There may be deleterious consequences from homosexuality and other human behaviour and conditions as has been pointed out in many a thread but that can be no justification for gratuitous prejudice or discrimination.