I am going to follow your advice on the DRM stripping you gave me a while ago I just have been too busy to do it. And you are right about the library. I have done that a couple of times just sitting there stripping the CDs while I read a book. Another thing I might do instead of removing the DRM because I have more control over the quality I end up with.

Shoot, I was just at Best Buy purchasing an emergency replacement SATA drive and they had 1TB SATA for $109.00. I could just restrip everything since the stripping has sped up so much. Or at least the last time I really did a bunch it was at 15X regular play speed. Still takes some time. If we are going to have 2TB SD cards soon the whole paradigm shifts away from DRM as a viable pathway.

I won't feel guilty at all stripping songs at the library that I have paid for through iTunes. I will feel slightly guilty stripping songs I used to have on LP and cassette and CD once upon a time. My staff has a combined 18,000 or so tunes in the lab at 128 bitrate. I really have to say screw DRM if they make it difficult. I will feel guilty but I will get over it.

For the most part I really listen to very little music. I don't have an iPod and I find headphones earphones interesting but I never wear them. (My kids do.) I can't think with them on. That's dangerous while moving and unprofitable when I am working (which is anytime I am not moving).