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I apologize, but it is not possible to join two or more iTunes Store accounts together. However, you can play the titles you purchase with two or more accounts if you authorize each computer on which you want to play those titles for each account.

And that is why I have taken a siesta from purchasing from iTunes and I won't be back until they are completely DRM free. I'll break the DRM on the songs that are in my two accounts and then be done with DRM.

We were on vacation and my daughter had an iPod she was listening to on the trip. My son swapped iPods and then asked why she only had one song on it. It turns out she had purchased all her other music from my other account and only one song could be downloaded legally when she hooked her iPod up right before the trip.

So because of her stupid Dad who had two accounts my daughter addled her brain with one song for two weeks. I think I would rather blame it on DRM.

What the iTunes customer support says I believe is also incorrect. How do you authorize a computer to play from two accounts at the same time? You cannot. You have to authorize one account, play that music, then de-authorize and authorize the other account and the play that next tune. How ridiculous is that?

If what she says is true it is still too complicated to keep track what computers are authorized to do what on multiple accounts. Add a hard drive crash and the convoluted solution becomes impossible.