I downloaded the 30 day copy of iWorks and this might do it. I never changed over to Pages because I collaborate with everything. I cannot actually tie my shoes without a coauthor so anything I do has to be Microsoft Word compatible. If I used Pages I would never get to use the cool formatting imbedding and general goodness that is Pages because I would have to convert to Word before sending.

But I am rebelling. Why should third rate crap software force itself into my life because the rest of the world is stuck with it? Screw it. I am imbedding delicious photos into my documents and I might even drop shadow.

Keystone has charts which the X or Y can be log scale! Be still my heart. I haven't even gone inside numbers yet. I am giddy with excitement holding off on looking at the new spreadsheet program. Lets all load up the nerd song, hold hands and sing!

OK, my wife has beat me to it. After plotting a growth curve in Numbers she is now dancing in the living room.