In the last 6 years, I've probably blown (er..spent) about $500 in the iTunes Music Store. I am interested in upgrading my entire library to DRM-free iTunes Plus.

A few things I have noticed about the process. perhaps my discoveries could save some frustrations.

As of right now, a few things to make note of:

1.) Only some of the tracks are available in iTunes Plus versions. Supposedly all by the end of April.

2.) iTunes works off your purchase history in recommending which versions to "upgrade," not what is on your hard drive. Which leads me to:

3.) It is all or nothing. Clicking "upgrade my library" in iTunes will prompt you to upgrade all tunes purchased WITH THAT ID. No way to pick and choose. If you want to pay 30 cents to upgrade a Springsteen tune, you have to pay 30 cents to upgrade that idiotic Gnarls Barkley song you somehow have.

4.) If you have multiple accounts, you will apparently have to log in, update each with new payment information and upgrade your tunes to iTunes Plus. I have 3 iTunes accounts.....I wish there were a way to combine them.

So there you have it!