My boss and I were working on a Word (2003) document at work Friday and freaky things happened. (on our Windows PCs)

1. We had a Table with 6 columns we were filing in data and he tried to print it in Landscape and couldn't - no matter HOW he tried it always came out Portrait.
SO.... "Mac to the rescue" ... I downloaded it ,set Landscape - shrunk to 90% and VIOLA ! printed in Landscape on my Mac. I emailed him the corrected file and he tried to print it out on his PC again and .... crap crazy - portrait !! Beats the sh!t outta me what's going on !!

2. We had a conference call with other committee members at 1PM... one of my colleagues in Connecticut has Office 2007 at UConn. With Word 2007 he could only see 4.5 columns- the other 1.5 columns were cut off.. he was downloading the same file we were (in a 2003 version- we don't have Office 2007 at CDC yet) !! ...So the new Office 2007 isn't compatible with older files ? WTF !!

Conclusion: WHAT a fscking mess !!
Well the good thing is that they BOTH shut up about my Mac !
At least I could function, whereas they were SNAFUed. laugh
David (OFI)