Sorry about that chief. I didn't realize you wanted to pump it up that much. A new controller would work fine, but like MacBozo said it's not really worth putting that into a machine that old IMO is why I didn't mention one.

If you plan on keeping it for a long time and really need the space, don't open the HD you get, send it back, maybe for a small restock charge, and get a controller card. If you want to go that way get a SATA controller, SATA is the current standard for new machine HD's as opposed to ATA in the older models. Make sure it's a controller for PCI, not PCI-E, X, Express etc, just plain PCI.

Possibly if you get in touch with the people you bought the drive from, if you tell them what happened and buy a bigger drive from them, they may take the other one back without a restock fee and only make you pay to ship it back.

I'd recommend a Sonnet card BTW.