I just registered to comment on this topic:
Reboot, Drive Genius is typically available for $59 and even less at OWC (macsales). The same applies to other Prosoft titles.

Shalom, Claire. Very nice reviews of the included applications. I did purchase the bundle. Some comments:
iDive is available for the first 10,000 purchasers.
I would not buy the bundle just for RapidWeaver, but I'm biased against that software for a couple of reasons:
1. Part of its attractiveness used to be price, which used to be $50 (or less when it was part of a promo). They increased the price, but that doesn't mean it's a more valuable program.
2. The initial savings may be offset by additional purchases, such as themes.
3. Support has been questionable. Some users got version 3.6.x, and about 4 weeks later version 4 came out and these users were told that they needed to pay for the upgrade if they wanted the new version.

By now I have my old version 3 license and version 4 since I got this bundle, and will probably never use RW. After their upgrade fiasco I got Freeway Pro (70% discount via givegoodfood2yourmac), and later updated to version 5 also at a very attractive price. Without considering RW's behavior, I find FWP to be a superior product.
I wish that instead of RW the bundle had Sandvox. That's a nice program from a company worth supporting. I loved thei Watson application many years ago.

VirusBarrier -or any virus program on the Mac- can be useful to protect us from sending viruses. Even if they don't affect our Macs (yet) we might have a virus that can affect PC users. As expected, mine had no viruses. Scanning was slow and turbo mode showed little -if any- improvement.
I had VirusBarrier under OS 9, along with other Intego products. My favorite is NetBarrier, but by now I avoid Intego products. I was surprised when I read that you're satisfied with Intego's support. I remember a few years ago it got better, and later became awful once again. Hopefully now it's good. smile

Prosoft's support is not that bad, but they often drop the ball or don't reply to emails. I have Hear, Drive Genius, Data Backup 3, and Data Rescue II. I usually don't have the need or desire to contact customer support, but I had to do it a few times with Prosoft. Sometimes I've gotten no answer until I finally post at VersionTracker or MacUpdate. Drive Genius and Data Rescue are great programs.

My experiences with St. Clair Software, Koingo Software, Objective Development and ergonis have been GREAT. I bought a couple of programs from Koingo which are now discontinued, and a bundle when he had only 3 or 4 programs. I've received numerous free updates and upgrades, as well as new titles also free of charge. So I've bought some additional licenses for some titles as well. It's only fair smile
I got Default Folder as part of the Reaction Bundle in 2000, with AliasMenu and BeHierarchic. I have upgraded everytime there's an upgrade.
After the last upgrade I contacted them since I hated the black interface, and shortly after that they added the Gray sidebar.
Ergonis licences are valid for 2 years, at least that has been my experience.

These developers remind me of what I like about the Mac community. smile

Additionally, there are other offers related to the bundle:
I think they were buy 3 get 1 free, and additional offers from some of the developers including Koingo, Intego, and Prosoft.
BTW, I did not get the NetBarrier offer. I hate Intego more than I liked that program.

I hope this helps.