See: this.
Is there a way? There's a way to do almost anything, with enough money and/or knowledge.

Is there any easy way? No. You'd have to figure out the pinouts for the monitor itself, and then fashion some kind of cable to get a signal to it. You'd also have to power it. Probably totally not worth it, and probably easier to find some adjustable flat panel monitor for a reasonable price and just buy one.

Another interesting thread
Hey guys,

this thread doesn't appear to have dug up the answers to the key difficulties we were having; namely the pin-out for the gorgeous LCD screen, but it's titled Reuse G4 (iLamp), and after 2 years of trying to resurrect my G4, I've thought of an appropriate use for it..

It's still a piece of gorgeous design, so I don't want to sell or destroy it in any way, but it's now too slow to even playback and browse my media (with Tiger), so I'm going to turn it into the centrepiece of my new MAME cabinet!

I've bought a Tankstick from X-Arcade, downloaded 18Gb of ROMs and I'm going to play retro games using MacMame. The Apple Pro speakers sticking out of the cabinet, I can see it now. Might even put in some sort of jukebox, as it still has the master copy of all my music on it.

I'll post pictures when it's done.

And here
My iMac G4 flat panel (lamp)
has died. The monitor is still good so I want to take out the guts and connect the monitor to another computer to use. How would I go about taking the iMac monitor connector and converting it to something I can use with a Mac Mini?

As you might guess I know nothing but Googled just for the heck of it. I have a dead iMac Lamp that I hate to get rid of. Good luck with yours. Here is one last link:
click here
Yeah, I've written about this before. Here's the dirt:
•The iMac's optical drive is indeed totally in the way of putting in an entire Mac Mini, because it is right in the middle dominating the case
•Those old drives aren't so hot anyway (I know, easily replaceable of course!)
•The entire iMac "dome" is smaller than it seems from the outside because of a metal lining Apple calls the Faraday Cage (electric shielding), it's actually not at all big inside
•With a Mac Mini inside, you won't need the iMac power supply so that could clear up a lot of space "up top", removing the fan which lies up there too
•The external door for the optical drive is easy to push open, it's not very fussy so there's scope for inventive hacking there!