Mu iPhone now has 6 pages worth of apps, and I'm sure that's on the LOW side for many people.
I'd love to be able to organize them better, to make them easier to find.
For instance, games on one page, music apps on another page, reference info apps on another, etc.
I know I can hold down an app for a few seconds to make the whole screen jiggle and then move an app from one place to another, even to another page, but with all of the rearranging that automatically happens when you do that, to set everything up the way I want would take hours.
There should be a program that would make this easier.
As an iPhone app itself, this would list all the apps I have and give me the option of assigning each one to a page #.
As a desktop utility (this might be better), it would display all the apps as they appear in panels representing different pages and allowing me to move them around by clicking and dragging with the mouse.
Anything like that exist out there?