Before I take my dead G4 off to be disposed/recycled properly, I'd like to offer some components for whatever you think they'd be worth to you once you receive them and confirm that they work (they were working OK before the G4 quit). I'll pay the postage to send them to you - I don't have anti-static sleeves for them though, but I will package them carefully.

RAM - PC100/133:
1 128 MB stick
1 256 MB stick
2 512 MB sticks

PCI card (33MHz):
FW400/USB - 2xFW/3xUSB 2.0 ports

AGP 2x graphics card:
ATI Radeon9000 Mac Pro w/128 MB VRAM - Has 1 DVI-D and 1 ADC port.

The G4 was a Sawtooth AGP Graphics model late 1999 manufacture date.

PM me if you would be interested in any of these.