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There is no reason to believe the cat has bounced or it is on a cliff edge and we haven't seen a real drop yet. Totally uncharted waters. There is no reason to believe the volatile up and down free fall will not stop until say Spring of 2010. There are two many bombs set to go off and the tools to defuse them are gone.

[edit]There were two bombs but my brain decided not to talk about the second one so "too" is better. Also described health of cat. It's a dead cat. Strap it on a bird perch and squeeze it so it chirps it is still one dead cat. Dead cats bounce but necrotic and debreeded feline can actually slide down a drain without even a meow.

ps. if you are too late to edit you can type away forever, submit and THEN it tells you it is too too (two toos) late. With the cat description I was trying to find out how many words you can put in the "reason for edit" box.