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AAPL at 400 by the end of 2008? It would be remarkable but I really cannot see a reason why it would not happen. The only thing that would stop it is a total stock market meltdown. Sure, meltdown could happen but there would really be no place to hide your money if that did happen.

You prophesized the market meltdown 12-26-07! smile
Would you now tell us when the economy will be back to normal!
What is the method you use? Crystal ball? or . . .

*Today at 9:36 AAPL $88.20

Wow, I forgot I mentioned that. Why am I not running the Fed?? confused blush And to put the shine on the apple I got completely out of the market during the week of July 22 as I got ready to buy a summer house. I wish I was an economic genius or something and did it because I knew what was coming. Truth is I needed all my cash. Stocks were all in weird Biotech/Apple/Nintendo/ which have been hammered the most since. One of my biggest biotechs is now trading at less than 2 bucks. (I would have been severely hosed and not able to buy a chicken coop today.)

Completely opposite to what I usually do with stock. Buy high and sell low. I'm taking a break for three years since I don't have two nickels to rub together. (Kids in college to fund.)

When I wrote that I said there would be nowhere to hide but I was wrong. Cheap houses. It is a buyer's market. I still have the call back from the realtor on my cell phone setting up an appointment. "It's really busy everyone wants to see it." Hilarious.