I guess it must have been a teaser for Lou's show where he is interviewing Ted Turner.

Ted said something like Lou always looked maybe mad or mean when talking about immigrants/illegals/hispanics and the building of the wall, which I guess Lou supports.

He told Lou to remember Reagan saying, "Tear down that wall!" and it came down eventually. He pointed out we're now building walls like the Mexico border one and the Palestinian/Israli one.

Turner said, "Tear down those walls!"

Me? How do I feel about the walls?

Waste of money that we could be something constructive with. Walls won't keep Hispanics out of the US. Where there is a way, they'll find it. Find another way of dealing with them. Make it illegal and a big fine to hire them. Give them some sort of 'pass' to work at times when they are needed.

Let's have Hispanics apply thru the immigration process that peoples from other countries have to use, and wait to get in legally. There has got to be a way of doing that.


oh, and I guess I should add, Lou Dobbs program is a real downer!! He and all his participants think NO one has done ANYTHING right/properly/ethically/morally/legally/etc.