OK... I've have tried, and tried, and TRIED to do this, and am not having any success. I have a pic which I've reduced in iPhoto to just less than 80x80 pixels as per instructions. Then I exported it to my MobileMe gallery. So far, so good... I think.

But when I try to copy the url address into my MacTech Profile, I keep getting a message that this is an improper picture. It's a .jpg so I don't understand what could be improper about that. I've tried copying the url address at the top of the Safari window, and I've tried Control/Click on the photo itself, and, in each case, pasted the results into the appropriate place in the MacTech profile.No dice! What am I doing wrong? Believe me, I have tried this many times. I'm not "getting" something. H...e...l...l...l...p.