Neil or Rick ~ Is this something y'all can do within a thread? I ask because when I'm reading through the posts in threaded mode (actually, that's the only way I read through a post), it's not always easy to see what's recent. The time fix helped tremendously, thanks.

When a topic gets a whole bunch of replies, they often branch and if the little folders next to each reply were behaving like the folders next to each topic (white = read, yellow = not read), it would make it so much easier to follow the conversation.

I do like that clicking into a topic takes me to the most recent post, but if there have been several previous to that, that I haven't read yet . . . I swear I was gonna wait a couple of daze to bring this up, because y'all have worked so long and hard, and you've been so responsive to all our concerns and requests. I know! Pretend like I didn't bring it up, and then come back and read this post, say Monday or Tuesday. wink And TIA for however this feature request gets handled.


I always deserve it. Really.