..person to answer but here's mine anyway<br>first, I am not the best because of the way I have Netscape running. It not only never takes any cookies on but forgets a heap of stuff yet while remembering other stuff better than an elephant.<br>what I do however is this;<br>Since I have to log in each time, I have that log in URL a folder in the Personal toolbar... and into the same folder I have dragged the link from the index page, the one that points to all posts in the last week. <br>So after logging in, I go back to the personal Toolbar and click and hold on the folder icon, down pops the menu and a choice of links .. I select docsearch: and I get = last 7 days which normally lists the last week in descending order threaded by setting these prefs;<br><br> Default aged threads to be displayed:show all threads<br><br> Default sort order = descending date<br><br> Default display mode = threaded mode<br><br> Default view = expanded threads<br> <br>on editdisplay page <br><br>apart from the fact that Stans post re the tips and tricks forum which seems to have stayed at the top, I have had success by this method. Same goes for my edit settings or any other link you want instant up to date access to.<br><br>after I answer ..post this message... I then hit the toolbar again and select docsearch.pl again and the new list comes up with this message at the top (below Stans tips and tricks eversince he posted it?) with all the other messages as per their date of posting .. after checking into any particular thread... go back, or go to the toolbar to refresh the list. <br>..

but where will we be when the future comes?