<blockquote>You're using the extreme anti-gun movement rationale: If Colt makes the gun and Joe Schmoe kills someone with it, Colt is guilty of murder. [Olbermann mask] And that, sir, is pure hypocrisy![/Olbermann mask] </blockquote><br><br>Hey!<br><br>One of my favorite movies!<br><br>Plot summary for<br>Runaway Jury (2003) <br><br><br>When a day trader is shot in cold blood at his workplace, his widow sues a major gun manufacturer. Holding them responsible for his death, she dispatches idealistic lawyer Wendell Rohr to oversee the case. A good man of principle, Wendell takes charge. On the defense team, another man will take charge: Rankin Fitch, a powerful and ruthless jury consultant riding high on his frequent successes. But in the middle of it all is the jury, which both Wendell and Rankin are determined to sway. But what they're about to discover, is that one man and one woman stand in their way. Nicholas Easter is one of the jurors and he's the one collaborating with Marlee, his girlfriend, on the final outcome of the case. But as the case progresses, questions arise as to what the motives are of all those involved, and what some will do to secure the final outcome.<br><br><br><br><br><br><br>