The excitement of election night is near. Well I'm assuming people here are going to watch, afterall, why post about politics for years without watching the final game - election night.<br><br>How's your night going to pan out?<br><br>Mine is simple. Food + TV + my wonderful and understanding wife that must be bored out her mind with my endless talk of politics for the last year or so. I don't watch sports but she understands this is the World Cup, superbowl, Stanley cup, etc. of politics. Bless her kind heart for letting me rant on for far too long. After tuesday, life goes back to normal. I promise. <br><br>Anyways, food for the night: Dim Sum - rhymes with Yum!<br><br>TV - haven't decided between CNN or ABC for my coverage. Probably will have picture in picture happening and switch between the two.<br><br>What about your night?<br><br>
Yo soy un hombre sincero de los alpes suecos. Con los pobres de la tierra, quiero yo mi suerte echar.