OK. I have a new 52" Sony HDTV.... it rocks.<br>I finally bought an DVI to HDMI cable and an optical-mini to optical cable and hooked up my 15" MBP that I bought several months back. My brother gave me a slew of movies that he had on disk. Mostly AVI files. NVM where they came from.... [rollseyes]<br>I was pleasantly surprised to see Front Row in action in my living room on my new TV.<br>My photos look great! and I was tickled to see that the AVI movies in my movie folder played fine. I would not have thought that AVI files would be played by Apples Front Row.<br>But they did. Is it using some other app to play them through Front Row?<br><br>I see Apple TV refurbs at Apple... 160 GB for 279. I have a Airport set up with N network and it cables.<br>It seems to be a lot easier and cleaner to use a small Apple TV that stays in myEntertainment center than schlepping my MBP back/forth.<br><br>Now my question. Can I see that Apple TV from my desktop? Can I drag/drop AVI files to the ATV? <br>That would be sweet and I would get one if so. Can I put photos on it instead of streaming from my computers?<br>If it's gonna be Apple-only content then I'll pass.<br><br><br>[image][/image]