I Am My Brothers Keeper ...wright<br><br>Boston Housing Authority ‘flabbergastered’ Barack Obama’s aunt living in Southie<br><br>A Boston Housing Authority director says Barack Obama’s aunt, a Kenyan woman who has lived in public housing for five years, is an “exemplary resident” and only recently did anyone know of her connection to the presidential contender.<br><br>Obama’s campaign spokesman Reid Cherlin confirmed to the Herald yesterday that Zeituni Onyango, 56, who lives on Flaherty Way in South Boston, is Obama’s aunt on his father’s side.<br><br>Onyango, a Kenyan native, is believed to be the “Aunti Zeituni” in Obama’s memoir, “Dreams From My Father.”<br><br>...if you were to care...<br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br>keep the change

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