I need a new Xserve so I check a Mac site or two and they came out with new ones in January that are twice as fast. That's good I guess I don't need to worry they will come out with cheaper faster ones tomorrow.<br><br>But then I go to the Apple store and log in as a dot edu and try to get a price and they won't list brand new Xserves. Only refurbs. That only happens the day before they come out with a new one or am I missing something?<br><br>When I am not in the educational store they are listed and you can configure. I want 4GB memory and 1TB in the first drive. (I can put 2x 1TBs in the next two drives when I need them.)<br>[color:blue]specs:<br>One 2.8GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon (quad-core)<br>4GB (4x1GB)<br>On-board SATA/SAS Controller<br>1TB Serial ATA ADM @ 7200-rpm<br>ATI Radeon X1300 64MB SDRAM with VGA Adapter<br>8x SuperDrive DL DVD±R DL/DVD±RW/CD-RW)<br>None (with PCI-X riser)<br>Single 750W Power Supply<br>Rack Mounting Kit - Square Hole Rack<br></font color=blue><br>All for $3,749.00<br><br>Is that a deal? I need to buy this tonight as my original Xserve which is the fist one they sold is dying.<br><br><br><br><br><br><br>