Windows 7 sounds like the "Anti-Snow Leopard." Rather than fixing the Rube Goldberg internals, they're slapping on more and more superficial UI changes, driven by surveys, committees, marketing buzzwords and copycatting. In doing so, they will in some ways catch up with 2007 Leopard--in 2009--while in other ways they'll be worse off than ever. And Leopard will already have given way to Snow Leopard, with some surface improvements and a MUCH better foundation underneath. Windows 7 being "not as bad as Vista" and a "maintenance release" does not make a very tempting prospect vs. Snow Leopard!<br><br>Re multitouch: Apple had multitouch in their shipping desktop OS 10 months ago--and they did it right: use the trackpad, not the screen. Big-screen multitouch is "cool" and has some niche uses, but for everyday computer usage, it's a bad idea just like single-touch and lightpens were. Because your arm gets very tired very fast. (To say nothing of the dirt on the screen.)<br><br>Anyone using multitouch to work on a desktop screen will soon be loving their mouse like they never did before! Even if multitouch is just used for certain rare gestures, so rare you don,t get tired, it's still awkward when we can do the same things very fast with mouse and keyboard--or better yet, multitouch trackpad. (A multitouch trackpad built into Apple's full-size USB keyboard would be great.)<br><br>nagr[color:red]o</font color=red>mme<br><br>I require stroyent!<br> |

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