Who the heck knows why a dumpy little chick would do such a thing.<br>She doesn't look like a malicious or hateful type, but who knows?<br><br>Might of been merely a bid for attention...<br>Might have been a cover for the $60 that had "gone missing"...<br>Had they sent her to withdraw it?and for what purpose? rent? food?<br>Beer money? Maybe returning empty-handed didn't seem like a viable<br>option... A fabrication for not being her fault ? ...but who to blame??<br><br>I doano...<br>maybe we never will...<br><br>But in the Twana Brawely case, it was fear of punishment for staying<br>out all night, that caused her to lie to cover her a$$, and the rest, as<br>they always say, is history.<br><br>I believe this girl stepped into a hornet's nest out of shear stupidity.<br>(that doesn't excuse it... she still tried, for whatever reason, to pin it<br>on a racial stereo-type to cover her fat arse. She's about to pay for it.<br><br> [color:white].<br></font color=white> [color:white]. .</font color=white>"Fool us thrice...and we get what we deserve."