Upon rereading your post Carp I think you might be right. If she is saying she doesn't know why she did it she could have been cranked up by her friends into doing it. Or chatted about it a bunch and she just decided to do it. The amount of zeroness in the planning makes me think that ultimately when she decided to do it she was alone because it seems only one brain cell was firing. But then again, I have seen meetings wherein many people have decided to take the most stupid path. Stupider than a path only one person could have chosen. I had this poster in my conference room but one of the meeting lovers tore it down.<br><br>Let me se if I can find a copy. ....<br><br>Found it. I need to purchase another copy. I got it from my Secret Santa years ago and I loved it in my conference room. But then I had to share the room with ... meeting lovers.<br><br><br><br>I gave great meetings when that poster was up. I could always point to it when the meeting was becoming group stupid. The agreeing to the lowest common denominator or even worse deciding on a really neat but totally fruitless path.<br><br><br><br>