I would agree that the friends she went and talked to before she reported to this to the police need to be talked to but the machinations of her story make me believe that she is the lone idiot. <br><br>As yoyo said, it's not dyslexia, she did the B in a mirror. I don't see her doing that with friends and then one of them not mentioning she put the B on backwards. Besides, if there was more than one brain involved here it would have not fallen apart so quickly. Any cop looking at her and her changing story would have suspected fraud right away. No, I think this is a lone idiot who may have gotten a shiner from her boyfriend and then suddenly had a grand plan. Maybe she sat around with her friends and chatted about possibilities but I think she went out and pulled this fiasco off all by herself.<br><br>But lone idiot or a couple of friends, it was no college prank. It was a very criminal act with huge implications. The law says that she filed a false arrest report and she should be reamed for the maximum which is a very small punishment for the damage she could have wrought.<br><br><br><br><br>