KDKA is the only news media saying that she has "confessed" so far, at least.<br>But her story is so far fetched that you know it is all one big lie.<br>She lies so badly, I wonder if she is related to Casey Anthony?<br><br>From the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review:<br><br>Pittsburgh Police say a McCain-Palin Campaign volunteer who reported she was attacked by a supporter of Sen. Barrack Obama has changed parts of her story.<br><br>Ashley Todd, 20, is now telling investigators that the man who robbed her outside a Bloomfield ATM on Wednesday night also groped and sexually assaulted her.<br><br>She also says she lost consciousness during part of the attack near Liberty Avenue.<br><br>"She indicated that when he had her on the ground, he put his hand up her blouse and started fondling her," said police spokeswoman Diane Richard. "But other than that, she says she doesn't remember anything else."<br><br>Richard said the attack happened outside the view of the Citizens Bank surveillance cameras.<br><br>Detectives retrieved photos from the cameras but none depict Todd standing in front of the ATM machine, Richard said.<br><br>Todd was questioned by detectives for nearly five hours last night. She initially told police she was standing at the ATM when a man approached her from behind, put a knife to her neck and demanded money. She said she gave him the $60 she had in her pocket and stepped away.<br><br>Todd initially said the robber noticed a John McCain bumper sticker on her car and became enraged. She told police he punched the back of her head, knocked her to the ground and continued punching and kicking her before scratching a backward letter "B" in her right cheek with the knife.<br><br>She now is telling investigators she was attacked on nearby Pearl Street after walking away from her car. She also told police she isn't sure if it was her bumper sticker or a campaign button on her jacket that angered her attacker.<br><br>She has also changed her story to say she doesn't remember giving the attacker any money; she assumes he must have taken the cash she had on her, police said.<br><br>Police administered a polygraph test to Todd this morning, but declined to release the results. They plan to bring her in today again for further questioning.<br><br>
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