I'm no doctor, (but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express) but her black eye is black. The attack took place at 9PM on Wednesday. The photo of her face was taken either shortly after or by Thursday morning. Anyone get a black eye lately? Periorbital hematomas don't turn black like in "I Love Lucy" reruns. They take a couple of days to turn black. The first 24 hours usually swollen and red. Then you start getting blood pooling from the broken blood vessels as the blood seeps into the fatty tissue around the eye. This is a blue phase but the bruise has a red tinge. Around 48 hours later the blood turns completely black after it is all oxidized. If her story is true she was at the point where someone taking the picture would have said, "wow, you are going to have a black eye." They take some time to fully develop to all black with no red or blue.<br><br>I'm skeptical. I think she was hit much earlier. Then she got the bright idea. She spent some time using the eraser of a pencil to rub her skin a little raw putting a B on her face. A blunt object, not a knife, made the B. She did it in a mirror and so put it on backwards. Maybe she had a few drinks and did not realize that mistake.<br><br>When does a robber say, "give me 60 bucks"? I thought the international sign for robbery interaction was, "give me all your money."<br><br>If her story is true, it is a sad tale of one man being a vile person. He should be found and prosecuted and spend some time in jail. If her story is false it is a sad tale of a vile person. She should be prosecuted and spend some time in jail. Drudge and Iminthewind should then do some soul searching concerning their premature fanning of the flames of racial hatred. Even if her story is false they should think about it. Why does this story deserve national or even internet prominence?<br><br><br><br><br><br>