Is this " post election gloat" he talks about the "I got pol-litical Cap-ital" that GW Bush was talking about in 2001 and 2005 ?? <br><br>Faux is so SICK !! I never turn them on - not even for the weather...<br><br>"There was a tornado today in Summerville, KS that was caused by liberals in Congress and their socialist agenda. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid should go apologize to the townsfolk for damaging their town !! ..and of course Bill (O'Reilly) the tornado ONLY went through the right side of town leaving those on the LEFT unscathed. This proves it was a unAmerican liberal media plot to push their socialist agenda and damage the hard working Joe 6-pack and cause his taxes to be raised on his poor family so they could spread the wealth! "<br><br><br><br>David (OFI)
David (OFI)