Not sure if you all know but I see someone has been slacking while I have been gone (lurking sometimes, but mainly not having time) and there is nothing here about it. <br><br>So here you's pretty nice!<br><br><br><br>From Versiontracker:<br>What's new in this version:<br>New Features <br><br> Added support for a new OHSoftLineBreakCharacters default, which is the set of characters after which we're willing to break a line.<br> By default, we are now willing to break a line following a slash (/), ampersand (&), or equal sign (=). This is non-standard (the standard says to only break on whitespace), but Internet Explorer does this and it really helps when you have a long URL on a page (such as you might see on web forums) which otherwise would force the page to be much wider than the window.<br> Added support for the "Get Window Info" AppleEvent. This event, specific to browsers, allows other applications to find out the name and URL of the frontmost browser window.<br><br>Bug Fixes <br> Fixed the problem where many objects (such as image rollovers) were being prematurely removed from the cache. When post-processing headers, we now check to see if we have headers at all (i.e., we didn't just read this object from our cache, bypassing the HTTP processor) before flushing an object because it lacks an explicit expiration period or validator (ETag or Last-Modified header).<br> Fixed the bug where we'd get stuck forever parsing CSS when an unrecognized CSS at-rule was followed by an unterminated block (which is invalid CSS, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't handle it). This fixes the hang at .<br> Tracked down and fixed a major crash.<br> Explicit word breaks always start a new word, even if it causes the previous word to violate Kinsoku rules. This fixes some text wrapping and overdrawing layout bugs such as bug #3993.<br> Fixed a bug where plug-ins which registered content types with no file extension would end up incorrectly registering the file extension "", which meant they could take over the display of any text/plain content which had no file extension.<br> Background images on table cells now show up in the Document Info panel.<br> Fixed a bug which would sometimes cause table cell background images to get lost.<br> Fixed the table row background color bug introduced in beta 3, and added support for table row background colors and images from CSS.<br><br><br>
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