Last night I rented a Blue Ray disc from Blockbuster to help to justify the purchase of the player (frankly, my ATV has been more than satisfactory for my entertainment needs). When I began to play the disc, it loaded up and within a few seconds the player shut itself off and restarted! This happened repeatedly and after observing that the only Blue Ray disc I own played okay-- I figured that there was something wrong with the one I rented so I returned it to Blockbuster-- where it promptly loaded up and played in PS3 that they had in the store....<br><br>Sigh...<br><br>The kid that was helping me had no ideas, but kindly credited my account. Now tonight I see a little googleing has revealed that the issue lies with the model number of my player-- a Sony BDP S300. Its firmware needs to be updated.<br><br>Trouble is-- the download is for Windows only!<br><br>Does anyone have any advice?<br><br>