I have 4 Macs and one PC on an Airport wireless network, and the fastest DSL connect the company offers. Until last week the browsing speed on the main business iMac upstairs in my office (and all other Macs, and PC, on the network) was absolutely blazing fast.<br><br>All of a sudden -- and seemingly out of nowhere -- the browsing speed of the main office iMac has not only slowed dramatically, but almost come to a crawl. Here are some facts:<br><br> Browsing on all other comps on the network remain blazing fast, as usual<br> Download speeds on the problematic iMac remain as fast as before this problem started. Only web browsing, using any and ALL browsers (Safari, Firefox, etc.) seems to exhibit the problem. Although, there is a rather significant pause before downloads actually proceed.<br> I hadn't downloaded/installed any new software from any source prior to the problem starting<br> The irritating pause before downloads commence is also evident when attempting to load web pages<br> Even text-based pages load agonizingly slow... and load completely only after minutes have expired... the same pages used to completely load in seconds, if not instantaneously!<br><br>There are other problems, but I think you get the point.<br><br>Again, no other computer exhibits this behavior when browsing or otherwise, and the offending iMac exhibits the behavior ONLY when browsing... not when downloading, streaming content or any other speed-related duty.<br><br>I've tried clearing browser cache, history, trashing certain net-related prefs. I've used three different Virus scans and there are no viruses or spyware-related files on the comp (it is acting kinda' like it has a virus... although a virus wouldn't affect only browser speed). I've checked my disk(s) for errors and repaired permissions. I've done about all I know to do.<br><br>I used to have these problems occasionally (only on Macs) when I had dialup. But I've never had the problem affect only browsing speed. Actually, since getting DSL I thought the old "sluggish Mac browsing" irritation would be a thing of the past... apparently not. Matter of fact, browsing on the PC and even on the Boot Camp partition on the problematic iMac is faster than browsing on ANY of the Macs. But that's always been the case. (I have no clue what Apple does to slow internet performance down... but it's irritating, to say the least). <br><br>Anyone ever experienced this problem, or have any recommendations? It's just very bizarre that only one Mac on the network is having the problem, and then only browsing the web seems to be affected. I would say it's reasonable to assume the problem is software-related on the one iMac, agree?<br><br>Thanks in advance for any and all opinions/solutions.<br><br>droog <br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br>