<br>Hi,<br>our car stereo is nothing special at all. A Becker with built-in Navi, 6 speakers (no high end). I was astounded that Katrina not only heard a difference, but that she was able to describe what she heard. That, to me, means more than many tests and reviews by experts. And yes, the experience was repeatable with other CDs she had in both formats. All of them Mozart, most of them Opera. ;)<br><br>The question comes down to "good enough". <br>All forms of compression are attempts to offset a lack of bandwidth, a paucity of storage space, or insufficient processing prowess. (That even applies to the original CD specs.) As each of these factors loses in importance, the need for compression decreases as well. These days, 1-2 TB hard drives are affordable and common. Even at full WAV (AIFF), such a drive could hold and stream some 1600-3000 complete albums. Is there really any need, to go even down to lossless?<br>So, all CDs I am archiving, I am saving first of all as uncompressed WAV files. <br><br>The only reason to compress at all, would be for iPhone use, and with 14GB available (apart from other stuff, like photos), I could carry over 20 albums in WAV quality, and about 40 or so in Lossless.<br>To me, that's plenty, because I listen to classical music, and 20 albums would be half a dozen symphonies and concertos and lots and lots of smaller pieces of chamber music, which I like as "ambient" background.<br><br>Katrina has since dumped all her mp3 and AAC files and started to ripp everything again as Apple Lossless (she only rips what she owns and her iPod is only a 4GB G2 nano) But she said: "I rather have less, but then in top quality" Smart kid!<br><br>Now, granted, we hardly listen to rock or pop, but I think the basic principle applies: Unless you really and truly must fit hundreds of albums onto an iPod, go with the least amount of compression.... or none at all.<br>I think in your case, being able to stream the CDs in full quality to your sound system will be a super experience.<br>Have fun and let us know how the process is going.<br><br><br>ps: yes, sorting such a large collection is work .... even more reason to go with the best possible quality. ;)<br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br>----------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br>"Woe the nation, which has no heros. ...... Blessed the one, which needs none!" (Bertold Brecht)
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