<br>You probably already have the ears. ;)<br><br>I was pleasantly surprised last week, when instead of bringing "Die Zauberflöte" as 320 VBR mp3s, Katrina took the CDs along for the ride, and even on the car stereo (nothing special), she noted after a few minutes, how much more "3D" (her words) everything sounded, as if the singers were actually moving on stage.<br><br>So, if a youngster without any golden-ear pretensions can hear this, all those experts who claim that differences are all in the mind, either are completely unmusical or are listening to junk, where the difference wouldn't make a difference. ;)<br><br>There are a couple of excellent second hand stores in my area, and I am (re)buying CDs again, because when I moved back to Germany, I sold most of mine. Considering how things are going, with high-compression downloads replacing low compression media, CDs may well be the best consumer audio recording/delivery format we'll ever see. <br>Not enough true musical afficionados to drive or justify higher sampling formats, I am afraid.<br><br>So, lossless encoding is the least one should do.<br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br>----------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br>"Woe the nation, which has no heros. ...... Blessed the one, which needs none!" (Bertold Brecht)
"Humor ist, wenn man trotzdem lacht" (Humour means laughing despite of it)
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