I'm always finding new hidden iPhone features (hmmm.... reminds me of OS X).<br><br><br>* To skip backwards with the earbud-remote, just pause first, THEN double-click.<br><br><br>* To move the text cursor quickly without holding down the "lens"... just tap a word. (I know, that's so easy everyone knows it. But I didn't! I was holding down because I thought you had to. You don't, unless you want the MIDDLE of a word.)<br><br><br>* To easily move more than one icon at a time, across several pages of your home screen:<br><br>1. Swipe to the last page.<br><br>2. Drag everything from your dock onto that last page.<br><br>3. Use the now-empty dock to load up anything you want to move around. Just swipe to the page you want and drop them off!<br><br>4. When done, swipe to the last page to get your dock stuff back.<br><br>I had two apps on the last page of my phone, and I wanted them on the first. What a pain! Drag to the edge. Wait. Drag again. Finally done--now do it for the other one! This method worked much better.<br><br>It's kind of like stashing stuff temporarily on your Mac desktop.<br><br>nagr[color:red]o</font color=red>mme<br><br>I require stroyent!<br>TeamMacOSX.com | MacClan.net

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