Can I use an Airport Express without having to configure their router? That would be a handy way since I have a spare. Do I have to reconfigure it naming it the same thing as my neighbor's router?<br><br>I just got back from Mocrocom and got a linksys USB2 wireless enhancer which is supposed to boost the signal. It's down in my car or I would name it. Might be a waste of time.<br><br>While at Microcom I had a conversation with the "expert" and he came up with a solution for my cell phone boost. Since I have coax coming in from the street up high which then goes down into the living room:<br><br>Take a piece of PVC pipe and cover with aluminum foil Attach coax to foil (this could be the outer wire as I want the wire to act like an antennae as well as the aluminum).<br>On the other end of the coax near where my phone will be attach a sheet of aluminum foil.<br><br>It may be that wrapping aluminum foil around my head might do a similar job.<br><br>