All my new neighbors are the nicest bunch coming over with brownies and fishing tips. They will let me use their open wireless connections for the next few weeks while I decide what option to use to get permanent wireless. My preference is to use the public library and coffee shop thus forcing me to not couch surf but the wife wants to actually submit manuscripts and actually work. (What a buzzkill.)<br><br>Question: an internet search shows a billion ways to improve distance by the receiver of wireless. (I do not want to ask may neighbors to add gizmos, they may take the brownies back.)<br><br>There is the 79 dollar super Pringles can. Then there are USB dongles which are antennae to boost.<br><br>Does anyone have real life experience with any of these solutions? They may all be a scam. Any really work? I am getting half a bar on three networks from upstairs but they are fighting through trees and the signal connects for only five minutes at a time.<br><br>NB: I am not going to install cable (no TV yeah!) so I have unused coax from the pole down into the house. Think I can use that as part of an antennae? The USB dongles use a mini coax connection but I bet Radio Shack has adapters for mini/normal coax.<br><br>