just purchased the 200GB, 7200RPM, Internal EIDE Hard Drive with the 8mb cache from compusa($200!!) with the assumption that although it states that it is windows only, will also work on any mac....bought a 27gb "windows only" maxtor a few years ago and it did great, with no tweaking, in my revb imac. my new quandry has come from the included documentation and driver disks included with the behemoth. the docs state that for quantities over 137gb, one must use the included ata pci card and drivers with the drive. would it be a correct assumption to believe that only microsoft would create a "state of the art" OS not realizing that HD's would eclipse 137gb? will Jaquar have any issues with this? or am i completely loony because i'm installing the drive in an external firewire enclosure? please help with my peace of mind. thanks! <br><br>