Truth is the Beech King Air B200 is my favorite.<br>X-Plane's King Air flies very smoothly and I find it easy to land also.<br>Other big plus for me is even though the King Air is fast, I can land it at any airport. I've even landed it on an aircraft carrier. <br>I only need about 1,500 feet to land it.<br>I like the speed of the Cirrus jet but it needs considerably more runway than the King Air. It's easy to run out of runway at a small airport.<br>The glass panel instrumentation of the Cirrus jet is very impressive but it is almost too easy to use. Not much thinking involved.<br>I like navigating the King Air via VORTACs and NDBs. <br>If I don't want to plan all that much, then I can just use the King Air's GPS system to fly direct.<br><br><br><br>
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