The 8800GT is doing a good job for me. But give me more power and I'll take it.<br>I use some pro applications that would make good use of 4870's power also.<br><br>The truth is X-Plane relies as much on the cpu as it does the gpu.<br>The only reason I can't get maximum perforance from X-Plane is it does not make use of all the processor cores of the Mac Pro.<br>I am looking forward to Snow Leopard. I am hoping it will help.<br><br>Right now I am running X-Plane at extreme resolution with 4x anti-aliasing. <br>Very few people can do that.<br>I'd like to fill in the forest density to the extreme and fill in the number of objects. <br>Snow Leopard along with an 4870 may just be the ticket.<br><br>Aren't you glad you asked? <br><br>
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