I've been *very* happy with my 4850. There's nothing I've tossed at it that it hasn't run like a champ, even Crysis in DX10 very high settings, but running Crysis in 64 bit has a huge impact as well. (I've run it 32 bit and it sucks!) I don't have a ridiculously huge monitor though. <br><br>Just for fun running Q3A or Unreal Tournament I get something like 1000+FPS if I don't clamp it. It's actually faster, but I don't think the counter goes any higher.<br><br>My only complaint is about the only one you hear with these cards. I spent $50 more for a nice Zalman cooler. Well worth it though, and still less money and more performance than the card I was about to purchase. Still, all that heat is still going inside the case.<br><br>The 4850 is down to about $175 now for PC's. I'll soon get another one for Crossfire. I see overclocked ones now with what looks like small Zalman coolers instead of the stock sink. Apple needs to do something about the heat of these cards.<br><br><br>Hey I'm an F'n Jerk!

Hey I'm an F'n Jerk!