Rumor has that the ATI HD 4870 is coming to the Mac Pro "shortly."<br>The 4870 is a very powerful card. <br>It will definitely be the best consumer card for running pro applications on the Mac Pro.<br>It will also be faster for gaming than nVidia's 8800GT.<br>The price is expected to be around $299.00.<br>IMO, that is the best performance for the price gpu on the market. (Actually, the 4850 may be able to lay claim to that remark)<br><br>I guess the HD 4850 will also be available for around $199.<br>In it's own right the HD 4850 is a very powerful card for the money.<br><br>But I want power. I need power. I've got to have power. Give me the 4870!<br><br><br>
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