Hello all,<br><br>As you can see, the "Feedback" category has been moved to the top of the forums for now. This will be the only place we're posting information about the new systems, and taking your feedback. Please focus your comments here and NOT in the other forums.<br><br>Thank you for your patience as we figured out what to do with the forums. As we all know, the existing forum software is not working well.<br><br>As of today, the new hardware is in place (a quad Xeon Xserve). And, we've selected drupal as the content management system that we're going to be using for the forums and other things.<br><br>We're going to start with just mimicking the existing organization for the MacMinute forums as best we can (there may be some differences which we'll vet out with you all and get feedback).<br><br>There should be no issue in keeping the archives online. But, we won't let that hold us up if it becomes an issue.<br><br>The new forum will likely NOT be the ultimate look and feel. Our first goal is just to get it up and running so that we're off the old system. We'll continually work on the rest of the site around things, so things will change while we're all using it.<br><br>*** BUT TAKING THIS APPROACH WILL TAKE YOUR PATIENCE AND UNDERSTANDING.<br><br>If the group would rather wait, then give me that feedback now please.<br><br>There's a quick update -- more to come as we have things to let you know about.<br><br>Thanks!<br><br>Neil<br><br><br><br>
Neil Ticktin
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