Sync works perfect iCal sync's with my iPhone flawless,Contacts,email accounts all work with Push just as Apple said they would.<br><br>For the life of me I do not understand a certain member of this forum bitching about my beloved Mobileme. <br>No doubt this particular member absolutely knew nothing about what he was talking about.<br>The nerve of him whining and complaining about his not being able to update his Contacts from his mac to his iPhone 2 F'in bad.<br> Or his so called problems with syncing iCal calenders and to bad about his missing Mobileme email account.<br>I mean WTF does he want he has three working Mobileme accounts not to mention his 4 Verizon email accounts.<br>What more does he want ? in my mind this forum member should be banned.<br>Just the thought of him saying anything derogatory about Apple makes my blood boil but worst of all it really rips my heart out<br> when that certain member time after time complained about Mobileme here on this forum.<br><br>Ok I done venting <br><br><br>