This is an unconfirmed report... BUT if true, it really shows how the OIL companies have snookered us, the consumers into paying $4 gallon for gas when it could be much cheaper.<br><br>GO Here and read about the Bakken Oil Formation - 503 billion barrels, enough oil to last 41 years. This is huge compared to offshore drilling, and it's MUCH, MUCH cheaper to extract ..... $16 a barrel cost to extract !! ... and worth $ 5.3 Trilion !!<br> New OIL <br><br>And if that didn't make your jaw hit the floor.... try this one. Another reserve was discovered located 1000 feet under the Rocky Mountains that contains 2 TRILLION barrels ! (worth about $20 Trillion @ $107 / barrel).<br><br>So have we been victims of oil company manipulation? Has the cry for offshore drilling and drilling in ANWAR just been a diversion?<br>With all this available OIL, wouldn't there be pressure for them to reduce prices and give up drilling in ecological sensitive areas ? And like the DeBeers family controls the worldwide price of diamonds, so does the major oil companies of the world try to keep the price of their product as high as they can, justified or not, and they don't care who gets hurt ... even the whole US economy.<br><br>Just some things to think about.<br><br><br>David (OFI)
David (OFI)