i was in the mall to check on using my iPhone in Europe when we go in a few weeks. then i walked past the Apple Store . . . and entered. i walked out with a new 3G iPhone. they told me i just plug it in and iTunes will take my old iPhone info and let me restore it onto the new iPhone. didn't work that way. it told me the new iPhone OS wasn't up to date, so i updated it and then it moved data to the new iPhone but it wasn't the restore from the old iPhone. so my contacts were the ones i selected for the iPhone -- it was every contact i had. every calendar. no music, etc. i had to sit and customize the new phone. the way it was explained to me is that the new iPhone would get everything from the old iPhone (e.g., favorites, settings, and everything would be the same). didn't work. was i supposed to put the sim card from the old iPhone into the new iPhone? they didn't tell me that at Apple. ah well.<br><br>but i am going to sell my old iPhone. in the meantime, it no longer works for calls (no service), but it has become an iTouch. i can use the apps i downloaded and i can use our home Wi-Fi network to surf the web and all that jazz -- even my email accounts are working on both phones with Push working on both. maybe i'll keep it and let my kids use it so they stop asking for our iPhones. <br><br>--<br>[color:red] Kansas Jayhawks -- 2008 National Champions </font color=red>