Been almost a week now the new guy's been with us and he's pretty much the boss now. He's the one down below and the spot he's taken was never occupied before. The above one is my gf's cat and she's not too happy on this guy on her turf, but what can she do. Besides, she's a drama queen anyhow and laziest of the bunch. She wasn't really used to other cats before we moved in together so I guess it's been a learning experience for her in a lot of ways. Actually, if the tom is on that spot already, she won't even climb up onto her hammock. <br><br>The other picture is of my 11-year-old couple years back and she's still in as good a shape as in that pic. She is tiny, about 2/3rds the size of the other two who are about average size, but that has never seemed to slow her down too much -- she's still quite active, I'd say the most active of the three, though the boy isn't too lazy either. Both of the females have seemingly been at each other a little more than before and not really that much at the tomcat for some reason. All in all it's been much more quiet than I expected, whatnot the tomcat howling and meowing loudly at 3 in the morning every now and then and sometimes during the day.<br><br><br><br>
Yes. I can haz a biz and site, no?