Interference isn't just from other WiFi devices, but from any 2.4 Ghz device. That potentially includes:<br><br>* Bluetooth<br>* RF mice (Logitech for instance)<br>* Cordless phones (many are 2.4)<br>* Microwave ovens<br><br>My 2.4 Ghz interference got so bad (from neighbors, not my own interference) that I had to go to WiFi n wideband 5Ghz. Problem solved!<br><br>Before it got that bad, I had some luck with changing channels and relocating the base station.<br><br>Software updates can also affect reception: my 5Ghz reception was spotty until the latest update! Now it's much better.<br><br>nagr[color:red]o</font color=red>mme<br><br>I require stroyent!<br> |

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