While I was at the Apple Store yesterday I took the chance and asked if I could get a discount on MobileMe for the iMac I bought my son in May,all I had was the "Thank You For Registering "email and the registration number which I showed the sales clerk on my iPhone.<br>He punched in the numbers and I got my discount on MobileMe <br><br>Now getting back to "Is it me ?"<br>I think the name MobileMe 100% flat out sucks it sounds Microsofty to me.<br><br>I accepted iTools name being changed to .mac that was <br>But .mac being changed to MobileMe and a stinking PINK ICON that replaces my beloved iDisk icon does not get it <br><br>Sooooo share your feelings about the name MobileMe and the precious pink icon.<br>And another thing that really bugs me it the new tee shirts the Apple Employees are wearing I feel like Im at Taco Bell <br>BRING BACK THE BLACK APPLE TEE SHIRTS ! <br>Ok I am finished <br><br><br><br><br><br> My Ultimate Amazing Crap !