<br>my other handy contract just ran out, my daughter has had her greedy hands on my SE K880 for ages and since I hardly use a handy for calling, I can get by with the 49 data and UMTS flat "cheap-o plan" plus 149 for the 16GB phone. My monthly costs haven't changed. Quite frankly, I wouldn't have paid any more for it. <br><br>First impressions: <br>It sounds better than the first edition and the screen resolution is super for showing photographs. Surfing is okay for brief stints, because tapping for magnification works okay when one wants or needs to quickly check the news, etc. However, I couldn't possibly imagine watching a movie on it, because with video, the pinching motions don't work.<br><br>For the most part, the synching went okay. It is weird, though, to have to run everything through iTunes, and the manual isn't exactly clear on some aspects of this either. I ended up clearing the memory several times, before truly understanding, how the different programs, notably iPhoto and iTunes interact. By the same token, I haven't been able to download any of the free apps .... ah well, there must be some things to be discoverd yet, like how to take my SPAM rules from the MacBookPro over to the iPhone ... or how to create the mailboxes. Maybe I'm just missing something.<br><br>Processor speed seems adequate. With some 12GB of music loaded, cover flow just hesitates for a second at the start. From then on it is quite smooth. <br>For me, the iPod function will probably be the most useful. Since it has a proper headphone socket now... the ear-buds that come with it are marginal, of course ... I can use better phones and can see taking the iPhone as a portable juke box along with a mini-to-RCA cable. The SonyEriccson could do that as well, but one needed an adapter cable and I just hate stuff like that.<br><br>Because of the slick shape and material, it could definitely use some kind of strap attachment. Slippery devil.<br><br>I find it hard to understand why composing notes or eMails wouldn't be allowed to benefit from the horizontal screen and keyboard layout, which is so neat for the browser and image viewer. Perhaps a software update.<br>It would be nice to have the iCal colour coding maintained as well. With such a screen, it shouldn't have been a problem.<br><br>GPS works great and having it use the contacts in Address Book makes it fun. My car can do that of course, but the iPhone could come handy as a navigation aid on bicycle or foot. I shall definitely enjoy that feature next time in Rome or Paris, trying to find our parked car. wink <br><br>Overall, this is definitely a two-hand appliance, compared with my SE. No way one can thumb out SMSs the way kids do.<br><br>Also, I can't help feeling that the iPhone would have been a far more useful item with a larger screen. As it is now, it is rather large for a handy, and yet, one has to squint to see how great the stuff could look. smile Indeed, while I find the thing quite nifty, I do relish when I lay it down and get back on the larger screen. (Yes, I know, the iPhone is a phone!)<br><br>In two years, the gods willing, I can pass this thing on to Katrina and hopefully, by then there will be a family of iProducts to chose from.<br>Gimme screen space, Mr Ive!<br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br>
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